An Embodied Life Is The Path To Emotional Healing, Self-Regulation And Personal Transformation.

Discover a 3-step system that helps you take back control of your emotions so you can better cope with whatever life throws at you.

Brendan Turner

Registered Psychologist
Certified Radix Body Psychotherapist

Clinical experience working with adolescents, adults and couples across a range of areas including:

• Chronic pain and living with chronic conditions
• Addiction – substances and behavioural
• Depression and bipolar disorder
• Anxiety and panic
• Complex relational trauma
• Religious trauma syndrome
• Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
• Borderline personality disorder (BPD)
• Dissociative identity disorder (DID)
• Depersonalisation/derealisation disorder
• Adjustment disorder
• Vocational and career coaching

Brendan is passionate about helping people heal mind and body, realise their full potential and experience optimal wellbeing. Through his own personal growth journey, Brendan has learnt that the foundation of emotional healing is embodiment. Unmet relational needs in childhood and traumatic experiences can result in a loss of connection to our bodies, our emotions, ourselves and others as a protective, survival response. This disconnection causes the nervous system to be stuck in a state of chronic stress where we are unable to regulate hyper-arousal (fight-flight) and hypo-arousal (shutdown-collapse), and leads to mental and physical illness.

The ability to fully connect with the body and develop a mindful awareness of our somatic experience enables us to be present and grounded in the here and now. Unresolved trauma held in the body and unconscious patterns of thinking and feeling that have been formed in early life begin to emerge and integrate. The nervous system then returns to a balanced, calm and connected state and we gain the capacity for self-regulation. This means having a positive sense of self, the ability to regulate our emotional states in interactions with others, and the resilience to cope with stress and tolerate the negative and positive emotions that are part of life. 

The key thing to look for in a professional who can truly help you gain self-regulation skills is how much personal work they have done to heal themselves. After committing many years to healing his own life traumas, Brendan is able to establish the therapeutic alliance and growth-facilitating environment necessary for bringing about deep healing in others. The unconscious communication between therapist and client rewires the areas of the brain related to emotion and stress regulation, and can co-create an earned secure attachment. The maturity and complexity of a secure attachment enables us to be empathic, create deep, lasting relationships and raise securely attached children.

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